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Wi-Copy (DW21)


【Belgium Saturn Launch Video


  • Design for smart phone/ tablet that can two-way transfer and sharing data wirelessly between a SD card or a USB flash drive.
  • Directly copy files between SD cards and USB drives.
  • Support external hard drive.
  • Data transfer is now 3x faster.
  • Compact design, makes it ideal for use during the travel.
  • Up to 14 hrs battery life.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 5200mAh, no any external power supply needed. USB cable included. Supports fast charging with 2A outputs.
  • Can be applied as a wireless router. It can conveniently connect to the Internet and create a WiFi hotspot by a network cable at the hotel room which does not have wireless network. No extra settings required.
  • Free APP available with iOS and Android.
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